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Birkin bags are highly desired objects

Replcias Birkin bag how to spot a fake

Birkin bags are highly desired objects in the fashion and luxury world.​ They are treasured by everyone from celebrity influencers to fashion moguls, and are the highest luxury bag one can own.​ However, with great desire comes great responsibility.​ It is essential to learn to spot a fake Birkin bag to save yourself from a costly mistake.​ Here are some tips to help you uncover a counterfeit.​

Firstly, take a look at the workmanship.​ Authentic Birkin bags are handmade by skilled craftswomen, making them unique and high-quality.​ Look for uneven stitching or any loose threads.​ The bag should also feel heavy and durable–an easy way to discern a fake.​

Next, you should take a look at the leather.​ Genuine Birkin bags are known to use some of the most expensive leather available.​ Look for good quality, well-tanned leather as opposed to thin, dry or even plastic-like material on fakes.​

Another give-away is the logo.​ Check how the Hermes logo is made and the size of the logo.​ On a real bag, it should be centered with a straight stitch and evenly aligned.​ A poorly embroidered Hermes logo could be a major indication of a knock-off.​

The hardware is the main distinguishing factor between a fake and an authentic.​ Although fake Birkins may look the same as an authentic, the hardware is simply not of the same quality.​ Authentic bags will have polished, rust-resistant hardware that is evenly branded on both sides.​


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